Your body is a temple, let’s praise it together. 



Brendy has been exploring the relationship of human touch for many years, understanding that this concept is a basic human need. Diving deep into studies for Remedial massage at the Southern School of Natural Therapy, Brendy began his fascination with the human anatomy and began to build foundations in musculoskeletal assessment, using forms of joint mobilisation, passive movement and muscle energy techniques to help facilitate the body’s natural healing process. 

Brendy’s fascination drew towards the eastern tradition of Chinese medicine, following into studies with Shiatsu at the Australian Shiatsu College. Brendy’s natural sensitive and gentle nature synchronised well with this deeper energetic work, now incorporating both western and eastern philosophy into his treatments.

Brendy’s heart lies within providing this therapy out in the lush bush lands of Australia, working with different festivals and events for the passed 4 years, were touch is most needed and nature is also playing a part in the healing process.